BitPay Investors are bcash altcoin Inventors


Know the facts:

Roger Ver was an early stage investor in BitPay. Since Roger had not yet invented bcash he made his initial investments using bitcoin.

In early 2017 BitPay announced a decision to work directly with Bitmain to develop open source Blockchain security software. This was a multi-million dollar agreement for BitPay.

Roger Ver and Jihan Wu (owner of Bitmain) are both responsible for bankrolling bcash.

By using Bitpay services you are helping them pay back investors that have clear interests in promoting the bcash altcoin.

On December 15th, 2017, Bitpay announced beta support for bcash in their CoPay wallet service. Bitpay is working closely with bcash developers and investors to force adoption on users.

Take Action:

Don’t pay for stuff using BitPay’s checkout.

Burn your BitPay credit card.


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