Vote with your wallet! Boycott companies that support Bcash.

The time has for you to take sides and vote with your wallet. Show your support for Bitcoin by boycotting companies that are affiliated with Bcash supporters. Cancel your account and tweet #BoycottBcash to show support.

Why Boycott Bcash?

“Bcash”, also known as BCH, is a fork of bitcoin that was created on Augsust 1st 2017 by a minority group of investors and miners. The project is currently bankrolled by Roger Ver, and Jihan Wu.

This small group has decided to fork the original Bitcoin blockchain and create a new version with an 8MB block limit called “Bcash”.

Advocates for Bcash claim this new fork promotes decentralization and freedom. However, this could not be farther from the truth.

CENTRALIZED MINING – The majority of hashpower for Bcash comes from China. Specifically Antpool, ViaBTC, and mining pools. This makes it prone to a 51% attack should these mining pools converge.

ASIC BOOST – Jihan Wu, owner of Bitmain mining, registered a patent that allowed his company for years to boost bitcoin mining profits by 30%. This was made possible due to an exploit in bitcoin that was fixed in the recent segwit update. ASIC BOOST is still operational in Bcash mining. Thus, Jihan’s mining companies would keep mining bcash with +30% profits.

BCASH CEO – Bcash even has a self-proclaimed CEO, Rick Falkvinge. Just kidding, but not really – he actually wants to be bcash CEO. Check it out:

And now a few words from the bitcoin cash creator Roger Ver:

(36:30 first meltdown 44:23 second meltdown)

Show the bitcoin community you won’t stand by silent while a minority group attempts to hijack bitcoin.

Vote with your wallet.


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